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12 Bottle World Tour Mixed Wine Tasting Set (750 ml)
Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut (750 ml) -
Barefoot Pinot Grigio (750 ml) -
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20 Bottle International Wine Tasting Set - #1 Rated (750 ml)
Barefoot Moscato (750 ml) -
Yellow Tail Chardonnay (750 ml) -
Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon (750 ml) -
Meiomi Pinot Noir (750 ml)
Barefoot White Zinfandel (750 ml) -
Barefoot Merlot (750 ml) -
Barefoot Pink Moscato (750 ml)
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15 Red Wine Bottle World Tour Variety Pack (750 ml)
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Austin Hope Austin Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles (750 ml)
Woodbridge Chardonnay (750 ml)
Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon (750 ml) -
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Troublemaker Red Blend (750 ml)
Hope Family Wines Troublemaker Red Blend (750 ml)
  • WE: 90
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Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon (750 ml)
Yellow Tail Shiraz 2019 (750 ml) -
Yellow Tail Merlot (750 ml) -
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Avaline White Wine By Cameron Diaz (750 ml)
Avaline Avaline White Wine By Cameron Diaz (750 ml)
  • TP: 91
Sale price$18.95 Regular price$24.00
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Avaline Rose by Cameron Diaz (750 ml)
Avaline Avaline Rose by Cameron Diaz (750 ml)
  • TP: 90
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Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio (750 ml)
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Witches Brew Spiced Red Wine (750 ml)
Leelanau Cellars Witches Brew Spiced Red Wine (750 ml)
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Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose Champagne (750 ml) -
ChocoVine Dutch Chocolate Dessert Wine (750 ml)
Woodbridge Merlot (750 ml)
Woodbridge Pinot Noir (750 ml)
La Marca Prosecco (750 ml)
La Marca La Marca Prosecco (750 ml)
  • JS: 90
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Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir (750 ml) -
Pepperwood Grove Chardonnay (750 ml) -
Stella Rosa Black (750 ml)
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The Prisoner Wine Company Saldo Zinfandel 2018 (750 ml) -
Yellow Tail Moscato (750 ml) -
Avaline Red Wine (750 ml)
Avaline Avaline Red Wine (750 ml)
  • TP: 92
Sale price$18.95

Non-Vintage (NV) is a term used to describe wine that does not carry a specific vintage year. NV wines are often blends of different vintages, and they are made to achieve a consistent style and taste profile year after year.

NV wines are commonly produced by winemakers who want to maintain the same flavor and aroma profiles in their wines, regardless of the variations in weather and grape harvest conditions from one year to the next. In addition, NV wines are often made by blending the best grapes from different vineyards or regions to create a wine that showcases the best qualities of each.

One of the most well-known examples of NV wines is Champagne, which is typically a blend of wines from different vintages. While many wine enthusiasts prefer to drink vintage-specific wines, NV wines offer a reliable and consistent flavor profile that can be enjoyed year after year.

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