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La Marca Prosecco (750 ml)
La Marca La Marca Prosecco (750 ml)
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Cupcake Vineyards Prosecco (750 ml)
Avissi Prosecco (750 ml) -
Mionetto Prosecco Brut (750 ml)
Ruffino Prosecco (750 ml)
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Zardetto Prosecco Brut (750 ml)
Zardetto Zardetto Prosecco Brut (750 ml)
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Bervini Extra Dry Prosecco (750 ml)
Bervini Bervini Extra Dry Prosecco (750 ml)
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Della Vite Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore (750 ml)
Vera Wang Party Prosecco (750 ml)
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Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore Valdobbiadene (750 ml)
SYLTBAR Il Concerto Prosecco (750 ml)
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Della Vite Prosecco Treviso (750 ml)
Della Vite Della Vite Prosecco Treviso (750 ml)
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Kylie Minogue Prosecco Rose (750 ml)
Kylie Minogue Kylie Minogue Prosecco Rose (750 ml)
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Valdo Marca Oro Prosecco Brut (750 ml)
Cupcake Prosecco Rose (750 ml)
Voga Prosecco (750 ml)
Voga Voga Prosecco (750 ml)
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Lunetta Prosecco (750 ml)
Lamborghini Platinum Extra Dry Prosecco (750 ml)
Giuliana Prosecco (750 ml)
Bariano Prosecco (750 ml)
Benvolio Prosecco N.V. (750 ml)
Canella Bellini Prosecco & Peaches NV (750 ml)
Adami Prosecco Garbel (750 ml)
Chloe Prosecco (750 ml)
Chloe Chloe Prosecco (750 ml)
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Poggio Costa Prosecco Brut DOC NV (750 ml)
Canella Mimosa Prosecco & Blood Orange NV (750 ml)
Le Contesse Prosecco Brut DOC (750 ml)
Castello Del Poggio Prosecco (750 ml)
Adami Prosecco Bosco Di Gica DOCG NV (750 ml)
Bisol Jeio Prosecco Brut (750 ml)
Fantinel Prosecco Extra Dry NV (750 ml)
Menage a Trois Extra Dry Prosecco NV (750 ml)

The Prosecco Varietal Wine collection is a collection of wines made from the Prosecco grape variety. Prosecco is a light and refreshing sparkling wine that is made in the Veneto region of Italy. The Prosecco grape variety is a white grape that is grown in the area and is well-suited to the production of sparkling wines. Prosecco wines are typically light and fruity with notes of green apple, pear, and citrus.

The wines are made using the Charmat method, where the wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks before being bottled, rather than in individual bottles like Champagne. This method results in a more affordable and accessible sparkling wine that is perfect for celebrations, toasts, and casual sipping.

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