Banfi Chianti Superiore (750 ml)

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Tasting Notes and Description

The Banfi Chianti Superiore is a testament to the innovation and tradition that defines the esteemed Banfi winery, located in the picturesque Tuscan countryside. Unlike the more geographically confined Chianti Classico, Chianti Superiore designation allows winemakers more flexibility in sourcing grapes from across the broader Chianti region, enabling Banfi to select the finest Sangiovese grapes to create a wine that is both expressive and of superior quality. This selection process, combined with Banfi's sustainable viticulture practices, ensures that each bottle of Chianti Superiore is a reflection of the winery's dedication to excellence and respect for the environment. The wine is carefully crafted, with a keen attention to detail throughout the fermentation and aging processes, which takes place in stainless steel and oak to enhance the wine's character and complexity.

The Banfi Chianti Superiore boasts a vibrant, ruby-red color and an enticing aroma of fresh red berries, floral notes, and a hint of spice, making it instantly appealing from the first pour. On tasting, it reveals a rich palette of flavors, including cherries, plums, and a touch of oak, complemented by a smooth texture and well-integrated tannins. The finish is long and satisfying, with a delightful freshness that makes it highly versatile and food-friendly. This wine pairs beautifully with a wide array of dishes, from classic Italian pastas and pizza to more elaborate meat and cheese platters. Its approachability and elegance make it an ideal choice for both casual dining and more formal occasions, offering a slice of Tuscany's winemaking heritage with each glass.





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750 ML

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Red Wine

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