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Shaw and Smith Sauvignon Blanc 2022 (750 ml)

Shaw and Smith is a renowned Australian wine brand that is known for its exceptional quality and attention to detail. The brand was founded in 1989 by Michael Hill Smith MW and Martin Shaw, two of Australia's leading winemakers. The focus of the brand is on creating wines that are elegant, balanced, and expressive of the unique terroir of the Adelaide Hills region.

The Shaw and Smith portfolio includes a range of wines that showcase the diversity and quality of the Adelaide Hills region. Their Sauvignon Blanc is a standout wine, with its vibrant citrus and tropical fruit flavors, crisp acidity, and minerality. This wine is perfect for pairing with fresh seafood or enjoying on its own.

Another standout wine from the Shaw and Smith portfolio is their Shiraz, which is a full-bodied red wine that is rich and complex. This wine is made with grapes that are grown in the warmer parts of the Adelaide Hills region, which gives it a depth and intensity of flavor that is truly impressive. The Shiraz is aged in French oak barrels, which adds a subtle hint of vanilla and spice to the wine.

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