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Predator is a premium wine brand that is dedicated to producing exceptional wines that embody the spirit of the hunt. The brand takes its name from the ferocious predator that roams the vineyards at night, keeping watch over the precious grapes that are used to make these extraordinary wines. With a portfolio that includes red, white, and rosé wines, Predator offers a range of options that are perfect for any occasion.

The flagship wine of the Predator brand is their Old Vine Zinfandel, which is a rich and complex wine that is made with grapes from some of the oldest vineyards in California. These vines, which are over 50 years old, produce grapes that are rich in flavor and character, resulting in a wine that is bold and full-bodied. With notes of blackberry, dark cherry, and vanilla, this Zinfandel is the perfect wine to pair with a hearty meal or to enjoy on its own.

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