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Paraduxx Proprietary Red Wine 2020 (750 ml)

Paraduxx is a luxurious wine brand that specializes in producing some of the finest blends in the Napa Valley region. The brand was founded in 1994 by Dan and Margaret Duckhorn, with the aim of creating wines that are both rich in flavor and beautifully balanced. Today, Paraduxx continues to craft exceptional wines that embody the spirit of Napa Valley.

The flagship wine of the Paraduxx brand is their Paraduxx Red Wine Blend, which is a sophisticated and complex wine that showcases the art of blending. Made with a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Merlot grapes, this wine has a rich and full-bodied flavor that is layered with notes of black cherry, vanilla, and spice. The Paraduxx Red Wine Blend is a perfect representation of the art of winemaking and is a must-try for any wine connoisseur.

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