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Nielson Santa Barbara Pinot Noir 2022 (750 ml)
Nielson Santa Barbara Chardonnay 2022 (750 ml)

Nielson is a renowned wine brand that has been crafting exceptional wines for over 50 years. Situated in the heart of Santa Barbara County, the winery benefits from a diverse range of microclimates and soils, which allow for the production of a wide variety of grapes. From rich Chardonnays to bold Pinot Noirs and robust Syrahs, Nielson's portfolio boasts wines that showcase the unique terroir of the region.

At Nielson, sustainable farming practices are at the forefront of the winemaking process. The team is committed to minimizing their environmental impact and producing wines that reflect the natural beauty of the region. From using cover crops to protect the soil to incorporating natural pest control methods, Nielson takes a holistic approach to winemaking that respects the land and its inhabitants.

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