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Luc Belaire Bleu (750 ml)
Luc Belaire Luc Belaire Bleu (750 ml)
Sale price$32.95 Regular price$34.95
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Luc Belaire Wine Gift Set - 4 Pack
Luc Belaire Luc Belaire Wine Gift Set - 4 Pack
Sale price$117.95 Regular price$119.95
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Luc Belaire Rare Rose (750 ml)
Luc Belaire Luc Belaire Rare Rose (750 ml)
Sale price$29.95 Regular price$38.95
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Luc Belaire Rare Luxe (750 ml)
Luc Belaire Luc Belaire Rare Luxe (750 ml)
Sale price$29.95 Regular price$36.00
Luc Belaire Luxe Rose (750 ml)

The line of Luc Belaire wines are all made in Burgundy, one of the most historically significant winemaking regions of France. First introducing the iconic Rare Rose in the black bottle, the brand has expanded to creating cuvee and specialized 'Fantome' versions of each of it's wines. The newest addition to the line, Belaire Bleu is the most extravagant wine to date, with a beautiful sapphire hue that makes it perfect for cocktails.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Luc Belaire

Below are some common questions about the Luc Belaire wine for sale at Buy Wines Online. For wine education, serving suggestions, recipes and more, head to our blog.

How Much is Luc Belaire Rose?

We carry several of the Luc Belaire Rose varietals, with the Rare Rose coming in at $27.95 & and the Luxe Rose coming in at $27.75.

We also carry a tasting set made up of all four of the Luc Belaire varietals, check the Tasting Set out Here!

Is Luc Belaire Good Wine?

Yes, Luc Belaire is one of the fastest growing sparkling wine brands in the US. With a stunning package, a silkscreened, paperless bottle, and an authentic French heritage dating back six generations, Belaire has bridged perfectly the gap between traditional Champagnes and resurgent Proseccos and Cavas.

What is Luc Belaire Bleu?

Belaire Bleu is the newest cuvée from Luc Belaire. It is a perfect harmony of the old world and the new world with stunning aromas of fresh berries and tropical fruits. These flavors are balanced with an elegant freshness and roundness to make this cuvée truly special. It has a beautiful sapphire color, inspired by the waters of Côte d’Azur.

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