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Lillet Blanc (750 ml)Lillet Blanc (750 ml)
Lillet Lillet Blanc (750 ml)
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Lillet Rose NV (750 ml)
Lillet Rouge NV (750 ml)

Lillet is a French wine-based aperitif that is made from a blend of Bordeaux wines and various fruit liqueurs. It is known for its sweet and fruity flavor profile, which makes it a popular option for cocktails and as a sipping drink.

The Lillet wine collection typically includes the classic Lillet Blanc, which is a light and refreshing option with notes of citrus, honey, and floral notes, as well as the deeper, more complex Lillet Rouge, which has a rich and full-bodied flavor profile with notes of dark fruit and spices. Additionally, the collection may also include special editions or limited releases of Lillet, such as vintage expressions or flavored variations.

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