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AIX Wine – Taste the Mediterranean

Provence, France's oldest wine-producing region, is the birthplace of rosé wine and home to AIX Wines, one of the largest wineries in Provence's AOP Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence appellation.

Like other rosés from around the world, Provençal rosé is refreshing and easy to drink. But the traditions and climate surrounding Provence set its rosé apart from the rest thanks to its long history of winemaking in the region, mineral-rich soil, sunny Mediterranean skies and cold northern winds.

Try AIX wines for a pure expression of everything Provençal rosé can be, the perfect balance between power and elegance. is delighted to bring you some of the best rosés the Provence region offers with AIX wines. Keep reading to learn more about rosé wine and the Maison Saint Aix estate, where AIX wine is made, from

AIX Wine: Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for the perfect bottle of French rosé? Here are answers to common questions people ask when purchasing Provençal rosés, including AIX wine.

What Grapes Are in AIX Wines?

Classic Provençal rosé is a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault, and AIX wine is no exception. These grapes combine to bring smoothness, aromas of fresh fruit and delicate flowers and a crisp minerality to the bottle, making rosé an easy-drinking favorite perfect for pairing with food or enjoying on its own.

What Pairs Well With AIX Wine?

Rosé is a light and fresh wine style that pairs well with:

  • Seafood, especially shellfish
  • Crudité and hummus, veggie pizzas and flatbread
  • Soft, creamy cheeses

Provençal rosé like AIX wine is especially crisp and refreshing, so if you ever need to serve wine without food, it's a great option that is well-liked by many.

What Makes AIX Wine Different?

Maison Saint Aix estate, where AIX wine is made, is not only one of the largest estates in the AOP Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence, it also has one of the highest elevations. Those heights bring cooler evening temperatures and a stronger effect from cold, dry Mistral winds coming from the north through the Rhone Valley. This unique climate gives AIX wine its beautiful pale pink color, delicate aromas and complexity.

AIX Wine

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