6 Best Tasting Wines Under $25

6 Best Tasting Wines Under $25

Dylan James
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6 Best Tasting Wines Under $25 - Buy Wine Online

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Dylan James
Internet Marketer and wine connoisseur, blogger for BuyWinesOnline.com.

Who Knew That Buying Wine Online Could Be So Easy?

These days, many of us will do anything to save a buck, even buying lower quality options to satisfy our needs. This is also true in wine country, where people will overpay for a wine that tastes like a wet sock. Now, you can go to a physical wine bar or wine store, but the lack of options and competition could lead you to paying even more. However, with online wine retailers increasingly competing to have lower prices for goods, you have more options than ever before. Get your wine glasses ready, because I’m going to tell you about 6 great tasting wines under $25 that you will be scrambling to try.

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Juggernaut wine is special because it is part of a hillside vineyard. This means that the red grapes grow on rugged mountainous terrain, giving them a unique rich and ripe flavor that is both intense and luxurious. Grown in California by Juggernaut Hillside, the only question I find myself asking is why isn’t juggernaut wine near me!? Juggernaut Hillside Cabernet Sauvignon is an elegant dry wine and the flavor itself is fierce, brave, and delicious. 

A white wine based out of Napa Valley, the Frank Family Zinfandel is a varietal that presents itself as a complex and full-bodied wine. Flavors of blackberry and cherry flavors are accompanied by notes of pepper and cinnamon. And a perfect mix of acid and tannin balance in a semi dry wine that leaves the mouth with a great feeling. I love this wine, and I especially enjoyed the previous vintage of Frank Family Zinfandel 2016. 

This wine is my most recent endeavor. I tried it when I was visiting California, and it quickly made Caymus Wine one of my favorite drinks. It originated in California from Caymus Vineyard based on the “bonanza” that is the great state of California. This bonanza red wine has fruity flavors of berries and vanilla with notes of mocha and silky tannins that give it a dry mouth feel. 

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Washington is quickly becoming a powerhouse when it comes to high quality wines. With online wine retailers becoming more common in the e-commerce marketplace, consumers can get Washington wines online. This Riesling is medium-bodied with a vibrant citrus taste of orange and apricot. The aroma is exciting and crisp, and shimmers with energy. This wine pairs well with Thai or Chinese food.

The 2017 OZV Zinfandel is a delicious vintage aged for a year in American and French oak. This fruity sweet white wine gives off raspberry and blackberry aromas and a flavor that is perfectly balanced with acid and pleasing tannins. This Zinfandel pairs wonderfully with a steak or hearty pasta dish.

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When I feel like a Rose, Hampton Water Rose is where I like to turn. Even cooler, this wine was launched by Jesse Bongiovi and his father, rock icon, Jon Bon Jovi. It has a unique mix of Granache, Cinsault, Mourvedre, and Syrah. It is aged in French oak and has a distinct minerality with a long-lasting fruity finish. This is a perfect wine to pair with seafood and a night out on the town. 

I hope you enjoyed this list of cheap wines. As I mentioned before, retailers are making it easier to order wine online in both price and convenience. Since wine retailers can ship directly to your home, you are able to choose whichever is your favorite and maybe open you up to new options as well. Whether the wine is red or white, Moscato or Riesling, at BuyWinesOnline we’ve got you covered.

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