Washington Hills Late Harvest Riesling 2022 (750 ml)

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Tasting Notes and Description

Washington Hills Late Harvest Riesling is a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship of Washington State winemaking, meticulously produced by the esteemed Washington Hills Winery. This late harvest Riesling showcases a brilliant golden hue that glows with warmth, offering an enticing aroma of ripe peaches, apricots, and honeyed citrus blossoms, evoking the essence of a sun-drenched orchard in the Pacific Northwest. On the palate, it delights with luscious flavors of honeyed stone fruits, pineapple, and a hint of candied ginger, balanced by vibrant acidity and a luxurious mouthfeel that coats the palate with richness and complexity. Washington Hills Late Harvest Riesling is a celebration of Washington's unique terroir and the artistry of winemaking that defines the region.

Pairing Washington Hills Late Harvest Riesling opens a world of culinary possibilities, where its versatile character complements a variety of dishes. Enjoy it as a decadent dessert wine alongside a fruit tart, crème brûlée, or a selection of artisanal cheeses for a sumptuous finale to any meal. Its sweetness also pairs beautifully with spicy cuisine such as Thai or Indian dishes, where it provides a refreshing contrast to the heat. Alternatively, savor it on its own as a delightful indulgence, allowing its opulent flavors to transport you to the picturesque vineyards of Washington with every sip. Whether shared with loved ones at a special occasion or savored in tranquil solitude, Washington Hills Late Harvest Riesling promises a memorable tasting experience that captures the essence of Washington's natural beauty and abundance.


United States



Grape Varietal



750 ML

Wine Style

White Wine

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