Trebbio Chianti Superiore 2021 (750 ml)

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Tasting Notes and Description

Trebbiano Chianti Superiore, not to be confused with the Trebbiano grape variety, represents an exemplary tier of Tuscan winemaking, showcasing the elevated quality and rigorous standards associated with the "Superiore" designation within the Chianti denomination. This classification is reserved for wines that have undergone a longer aging period and have met stricter quality controls than regular Chianti, resulting in a wine of superior complexity and depth. The Trebbio estate, deeply rooted in the rich soil and history of Tuscany, crafts its Chianti Superiore from select Sangiovese grapes, embodying the winery's commitment to excellence and the expression of the unique characteristics of their vineyards. The Trebbio Chianti Superiore is a testament to the estate's dedication to traditional winemaking practices while embracing modern techniques to enhance the wine's quality and appeal.

In the glass, Trebbio Chianti Superiore exhibits a deep ruby color, indicative of its intensity and structure. The bouquet is rich and inviting, with aromas of ripe red fruits, such as cherries and plums, elegantly interwoven with notes of violets, spices, and a hint of oak, reflecting the careful aging process. On the palate, this wine offers a full-bodied experience, with a robust yet refined tannic backbone, balanced by a lively acidity that brings freshness and vibrancy to the flavor profile. Layers of fruit, spice, and subtle earthy notes unfold, leading to a long, satisfying finish that exemplifies the elegance and complexity of Chianti Superiore. This wine pairs exceptionally well with a variety of culinary dishes, from classic Tuscan fare like grilled meats and hearty pastas to more sophisticated international cuisine, making it a versatile choice for dining and entertaining. The Trebbio Chianti Superiore is a celebration of the artistry and tradition of Tuscan winemaking, offering a memorable tasting experience that appeals to connoisseurs and casual wine enthusiasts alike.





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750 ML

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