Tenuta Ammiraglia Alìe Rose Toscana 2022 (750 ml)

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The Tenuta Ammiraglia Alìe Rosé Toscana is a sophisticated and elegant rosé wine that reflects the charm and beauty of Tuscany's coastal region. Produced by Tenuta Ammiraglia, part of the esteemed Frescobaldi wine dynasty, this rosé embodies the winery's dedication to capturing the essence of the Maremma terroir through innovative viticulture and winemaking techniques. Named after a mythical sea nymph, Alìe is a tribute to the winery's connection to the sea and the land, showcasing a blend primarily of Syrah and Vermentino grapes. These varietals thrive in the warm Mediterranean climate and mineral-rich soils, yielding a wine that is both refined and expressive. The Alìe Rosé is a testament to Tenuta Ammiraglia's commitment to producing wines that harmonize tradition with a modern sensibility, offering a unique and memorable Tuscan wine experience.

Upon tasting, the Tenuta Ammiraglia Alìe Rosé Toscana unveils a delicate bouquet of aromatic white flowers, ripe peaches, and subtle hints of red berries, complemented by a refreshing minerality. The palate is greeted with a crisp and vibrant acidity, beautifully balanced by the wine's silky texture and nuanced flavors of citrus and stone fruit. This rosé's elegance and depth make it an exceptional pairing with a variety of cuisines, from light seafood dishes and grilled vegetables to delicate pasta dishes and soft cheeses. Its allure also makes it a perfect choice for sipping on its own, especially on warm summer evenings or as an aperitif to welcome guests. The Tenuta Ammiraglia Alìe Rosé Toscana is more than just a wine; it's an expression of the coastal beauty of Tuscany, offering a taste of the region's sun, sea, and soul in every glass.





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