Mandrarossa Nero d'Avola 2017 (750 ml)

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Tasting Notes and Description

The Mandrarossa Nero d'Avola is a robust and expressive red wine that showcases the best qualities of Sicily's most celebrated indigenous grape variety. With a deep ruby hue, this wine promises intensity and richness right from the first glance. Aromatically, it opens up with a compelling mixture of ripe black fruits like blackberries and plums, enhanced by subtle notes of spices and a hint of Mediterranean herbs, reflecting the warm and sun-bathed terroir of Sicily. On the palate, the Mandrarossa Nero d'Avola is full-bodied and rich, with a velvety texture that envelops the mouth. The dark fruit flavors are beautifully balanced by smooth tannins and a moderate acidity, leading to a long and satisfying finish that leaves a lasting impression.

Produced by the Mandrarossa estate, situated on the southern coast of Sicily, this Nero d'Avola is a testament to the winery's commitment to highlighting the unique characteristics of local varietals. The vineyards benefit from the island's ideal climate, where the warm sun and cool sea breezes contribute to the grapes' optimal ripening, imbuing the wine with depth and complexity. This commitment to quality and expression of place makes the Mandrarossa Nero d'Avola a perfect match for a range of hearty dishes, from traditional Sicilian recipes like pasta alla Norma to grilled meats and aged cheeses, making it a versatile choice for any dining occasion. Its robust profile and inherent Sicilian charm also make it a delightful wine to enjoy on its own, offering a taste of Sicily's rich winemaking heritage in every glass. The Mandrarossa Nero d'Avola stands as a proud representation of Sicilian viticulture, offering wine lovers an authentic and memorable experience.





Grape Varietal

Nero d'Avola


750 ML

Wine Style

Red Wine

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