Giulio Straccali Chianti 2021 (750 ml)

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Tasting Notes and Description

Giulio Straccali Chianti is a vibrant reflection of Tuscany's rich winemaking heritage, produced by the esteemed Giulio Straccali winery, a name that has been synonymous with quality and tradition in the Italian wine industry since its founding in 1925. This Chianti is crafted from select Sangiovese grapes, the heart and soul of Chianti's identity, sourced from the rolling vineyards of Tuscany known for their fertile soils and ideal microclimates. The Straccali winery is committed to upholding the traditional values of Tuscan viticulture while incorporating modern techniques to enhance the wine's quality and character. This balance between tradition and innovation is evident in their Chianti, which undergoes careful vinification and is aged in a combination of oak barrels and stainless steel to achieve a harmonious blend of flavor and complexity.

In the glass, Giulio Straccali Chianti presents a rich ruby hue, enticing the senses with aromas of ripe red fruits, such as cherries and raspberries, accented by floral notes and a hint of spice. The palate is treated to a wine that perfectly balances the Sangiovese grape's natural acidity and tannins, resulting in a medium-bodied wine that is both smooth and structured. Flavors of fresh fruit are complemented by subtle touches of oak and earth, leading to a pleasing finish that is both long and satisfying. This Chianti pairs wonderfully with a broad spectrum of dishes, from classic Italian pastas and pizzas to more robust fare like grilled meats and hearty stews. Its accessibility and versatile character make Giulio Straccali Chianti a suitable choice for any occasion, from casual dinners to more formal gatherings, offering a taste of Tuscany's winemaking excellence with each bottle.





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750 ML

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Red Wine

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