Giancarlo Chianti 2022 (750 ml)

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Tasting Notes and Description

Giancarlo Chianti encapsulates the passion and artisanal craftsmanship of small-scale Tuscan winemaking, offering a unique and intimate glimpse into the heart of the Chianti wine tradition. This wine, although less widely known compared to its counterparts from larger, more established estates, stands as a testament to the dedication and personal touch that define the smaller producers within the region. Giancarlo Chianti is meticulously crafted from Sangiovese grapes, the signature varietal of the Chianti area, sourced from vineyards that are managed with a focus on sustainable practices and the expression of local terroir. This careful selection and attention to detail in the vineyard are complemented by traditional winemaking techniques, which include fermentation in stainless steel to preserve the purity of fruit flavors and a thoughtful period of aging to achieve balance and complexity.

The result is a wine that boasts a lively ruby color and an inviting nose that marries the classic aromas of red berries and cherries with subtle hints of Tuscan herbs and earthy undertones. On the palate, Giancarlo Chianti is delightfully fresh and vibrant, showcasing a well-balanced acidity and soft tannins that make it both approachable and versatile. The flavors are a reflection of its aromatic profile, with a focus on the bright fruitiness that Sangiovese is known for, alongside nuances of spice and a gentle earthiness that adds depth. This Chianti is perfectly suited to a wide range of culinary pairings, from traditional Italian dishes such as pasta with ragù, charcuterie, and aged cheeses, to simpler fare like pizza and grilled vegetables. Its authentic character and straightforward appeal make Giancarlo Chianti an excellent choice for those seeking to explore the genuine flavors of Tuscany, embodying the warmth and spirit of the region’s winemaking heritage.





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750 ML

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