Estancia Pinot Noir 2022 (750 ml)

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Tasting Notes and Description

Estancia Pinot Noir is a distinguished wine that showcases the depth and elegance of the Pinot Noir grape, meticulously crafted by Estancia Estates, a winery renowned for its commitment to quality and sustainability. Located in California's Monterey County, Estancia takes full advantage of the region's cool climate and fertile soils, ideal for cultivating Pinot Noir vines that produce grapes of exceptional flavor and complexity. This dedication is evident in their Pinot Noir, which is characterized by a rich tapestry of aromas and tastes. The wine greets the senses with enticing notes of ripe red fruits, such as strawberries, cherries, and raspberries, elegantly intertwined with subtle hints of spice, vanilla, and earthy undertones, a testament to its careful aging process.

On the palate, Estancia Pinot Noir delivers a medium-bodied experience, with a silky texture and balanced acidity that culminates in a smooth, lingering finish. This harmonious blend of flavors and aromas makes it an exceptional companion to a wide range of culinary delights. Its versatility shines when paired with dishes like roasted duck, grilled salmon, or a hearty mushroom risotto, where the wine's fruit-forward profile and refined complexity can truly complement the meal. Additionally, the wine's elegance and subtlety make it a perfect match for lighter fare, such as a beet salad with goat cheese or a simple charcuterie platter, enhancing the dining experience with its nuanced character. Whether enjoyed in an intimate setting or as part of a festive gathering, Estancia Pinot Noir invites wine lovers to explore the richness of Monterey's terroir, offering a memorable taste experience that is both sophisticated and accessible.


United States



Grape Varietal

Pinot Noir


750 ML

Wine Style

Red Wine

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