Entwine Pinot Grigio 2021 (750 ml)

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Tasting Notes and Description

Entwine Pinot Grigio, a collaboration between the esteemed Wente Vineyards and Food Network, embodies the perfect marriage of California's wine-making prowess and culinary excellence. This wine is crafted with the intention of complementing a wide array of dishes, making it a versatile choice for any dining occasion. The Entwine Pinot Grigio boasts a light, crisp profile that is both refreshing and approachable, featuring a pale straw color that hints at its refreshing character. On the nose, it delivers vibrant aromas of citrus fruits, green apple, and hints of peach, all harmoniously blended with subtle floral notes that invite the first sip. The palate is greeted with a lively acidity and a palette of flavors mirroring the nose, with lemon zest, pear, and a touch of minerality that adds complexity and depth. This wine concludes with a clean, crisp finish that leaves a lingering sense of refreshment and satisfaction.

The food-pairing versatility of Entwine Pinot Grigio makes it a splendid choice for a variety of culinary experiences. Its bright acidity and fresh fruit characteristics make it an ideal companion for light salads, seafood dishes, and poultry, enhancing the flavors without overwhelming the senses. It's particularly well-suited for dishes with a hint of spice, as the wine's crispness provides a refreshing balance. Furthermore, its approachability extends to social gatherings, where it serves as a delightful aperitif that can kickstart any event with elegance and ease. Entwine Pinot Grigio is not just a wine; it's an invitation to explore the harmonious relationship between food and wine, crafted with care by Wente Vineyards and celebrated by culinary enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike, promising a tasting experience that's both enjoyable and unforgettable.


United States



Grape Varietal

Pinot Grigio


750 ML

Wine Style

White Wine

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