Donnafugata Sul Vulcano Etna Bianco 2020 (750 ml)

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Tasting Notes and Description

Introducing the Donnafugata Sul Vulcano Etna Bianco, a captivating white wine that pays homage to the volcanic terroir of Sicily's Etna region. Crafted by the esteemed Donnafugata Winery, this unique varietal transports wine enthusiasts to the rugged, volcanic landscapes of Sicily. With its pale straw color and a mesmerizing bouquet filled with notes of white flowers, citrus blossoms, and delicate hints of minerality, this Etna Bianco exudes elegance and intrigue. On the palate, it offers a refreshing burst of flavors, featuring zesty lemon, green apple, and a subtle touch of sea salt. The wine's crisp acidity and bright, mineral-driven finish make for an invigorating and memorable sip that captures the essence of this remarkable terroir.

The Donnafugata Winery, situated on the island of Sicily, is renowned for its dedication to crafting exceptional wines that reflect the unique characteristics of the region. The Sul Vulcano Etna Bianco is a testament to their commitment to preserving Sicilian winemaking traditions while embracing innovation. By sourcing grapes from the high-altitude vineyards on Mount Etna's slopes, they have created a wine that beautifully captures the volcanic influence on the island's viticulture.

Pair the Donnafugata Sul Vulcano Etna Bianco with a range of dishes that highlight its vibrant acidity and crisp profile. It pairs exquisitely with seafood, such as grilled prawns, oysters, or a Sicilian-style swordfish. Additionally, its versatile nature makes it an ideal companion to vegetable-based dishes, particularly roasted asparagus or a fresh Caprese salad. Whether you're enjoying it on a sunny afternoon or pairing it with a seafood feast, this Etna Bianco is a testament to Sicilian winemaking excellence, providing a taste of Sicily's volcanic soul in every sip.





Grape Varietal

White Wine


750 ML

Wine Style

White Wine

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