Don Miguel Gascon Malbec Reserva 2021 (750 ml)

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Tasting Notes and Description

Don Miguel Gascón Malbec Reserva represents the pinnacle of the winery's craftsmanship, a selection that elevates the Malbec varietal to new heights. Sourced from some of the highest elevations in the Mendoza region of Argentina, this Reserva showcases the profound impact of altitude on grape quality, resulting in a wine with unmatched complexity and depth. The wine greets the eye with a deep, intense ruby color, foretelling the rich experience to come. Aromatically, it offers a complex bouquet of concentrated dark fruits, such as blackberries and plums, enriched by nuances of cocoa, tobacco, and a sophisticated layer of oak. These scents are a prelude to a palate where Don Miguel Gascón Malbec Reserva unfolds its full-bodied elegance, with velvety tannins enveloping the mouth. The dark fruit flavors are beautifully integrated with the toasty and spicy notes from oak aging, leading to a finish that is long, opulent, and impeccably balanced.

The Reserva's stature and complexity make it an exceptional pairing for culinary experiences that match its intensity and richness. Ideal companions include grilled steaks, lamb chops, and other red meats, where the wine's robust structure and deep flavors complement the richness of the dishes. It also pairs magnificently with sophisticated pasta dishes, featuring bold sauces, and aged cheeses, providing a luxurious counterpoint to the meal. Beyond its versatility at the table, Don Miguel Gascón Malbec Reserva invites connoisseurs to savor the exquisite expression of high-altitude Argentine Malbec, offering an experience that is both profound and enlightening. This wine is a tribute to the legacy of Don Miguel Gascón and the winery's commitment to producing Malbec wines that stand among the world's best, promising a moment of enjoyment that resonates with the essence and spirit of Mendoza's exceptional terroir.





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750 ML

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Red Wine     

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