Cosentino Cigar Zin Old Vine Zinfandel 2020 (750 ml)

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Tasting Notes and Description

Cosentino Cigar Zin Old Vine Zinfandel is a bold and sophisticated wine that pays homage to the rich history of Zinfandel cultivation in California. Crafted by Cosentino Winery, a name that has been synonymous with innovative winemaking and premium quality wines since its establishment, Cigar Zin is made from old vine Zinfandel grapes sourced from some of the state's most esteemed vineyards. These old vines, deeply rooted in the fertile soils of California, produce grapes of exceptional intensity and flavor depth, characteristics that define the profile of this distinguished wine.

Upon pouring, Cigar Zin Old Vine Zinfandel reveals a deep, alluring ruby color, inviting the senses to explore its complex bouquet of aromas. The nose is greeted with an intoxicating blend of dark fruits, including blackberry, plum, and ripe cherries, complemented by notes of spice, vanilla, and a hint of tobacco – a nod to the "Cigar" in its name. The palate experiences a full-bodied richness, with a luxurious texture and layers of dark berry flavors, accented by spice, chocolate, and a subtle smokiness, culminating in a smooth, lingering finish. The wine's robust structure and opulent flavor profile make it an excellent companion to hearty dishes such as smoked meats, barbecue, rich stews, and strong cheeses, enhancing the dining experience with its bold character.

Cosentino Cigar Zin Old Vine Zinfandel is a celebration of the winery's passion for crafting exceptional Zinfandel wines, offering a sophisticated and indulgent tasting experience. It stands as a tribute to the old vineyards of California, showcasing the unparalleled quality and rich heritage of Zinfandel in the region.


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750 ML

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Red Wine

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