Castle Rock Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2022 (750 ml)

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Tasting Notes and Description

Castle Rock Pinot Noir from Oregon's Willamette Valley is a masterful expression of the region's acclaimed terroir, celebrated for producing some of the world's finest Pinot Noir. This wine is a testament to Castle Rock Winery's commitment to crafting exceptional wines that reflect the unique characteristics of their vineyard sources. The Willamette Valley, with its cool climate and rich, volcanic soil, provides an ideal environment for Pinot Noir, allowing the grapes to develop deep, complex flavors and a delicate balance. This particular bottling captures the essence of the valley, showcasing a bouquet of aromas that include vibrant red fruit like cherry and raspberry, complemented by subtle hints of spice, earth, and a touch of oak. On the palate, the wine is beautifully balanced, featuring a silky texture, refined tannins, and a bright acidity that leads to a long, elegant finish.

The Castle Rock Pinot Noir Willamette Valley is an exquisite pairing for a variety of culinary experiences. Its nuanced flavor profile and elegant structure make it particularly well-suited to accompany dishes such as roasted duck, grilled salmon, and earthy vegetable risottos. It also pairs harmoniously with a selection of artisan cheeses, making it a versatile choice for dining and entertaining. Castle Rock Winery's dedication to quality and value is evident in this Pinot Noir, offering wine enthusiasts a chance to explore the distinctive terroir of the Willamette Valley. Whether enjoyed on a special occasion or savored as part of a casual meal, this wine invites a moment of reflection on the artistry and tradition of Oregon winemaking, providing a memorable and satisfying experience with every glass.


United States



Grape Varietal

Pinot Noir


750 ML

Wine Style

Red Wine

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