Avaleda Casal Garcia Vinho Verde (750 ml)

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Tasting Notes and Description

Casal Garcia Vinho Verde is a quintessential representation of Portugal's Vinho Verde wine region, known for its light, refreshing, and slightly effervescent wines. Produced by Aveleda, one of the most prominent and respected wineries in Portugal with a long-standing tradition dating back to the 17th century, Casal Garcia is crafted to embody the youthful spirit and vibrant freshness characteristic of Vinho Verde. This wine is a harmonious blend of traditional Portuguese grape varieties, including Loureiro, Arinto, Trajadura, and Azal, which are cultivated in the cool, rainy climate of the northwestern part of Portugal, ensuring a high level of acidity and delicate fruit flavors.

Upon tasting, Casal Garcia Vinho Verde offers a light and invigorating experience, with a subtle effervescence that enhances its freshness. It presents a bright, pale lemon color and a bouquet of citrus aromas like lemon and lime, combined with hints of green apple and floral notes. The palate is crisp and lively, with a balanced acidity and flavors that mirror the nose, leading to a clean and refreshing finish. This wine's low alcohol content and vibrant character make it an excellent aperitif or a companion to a wide range of dishes, particularly seafood, salads, light pasta dishes, and grilled white meats. It also pairs beautifully with Asian cuisine, offering a refreshing counterpoint to spicy and flavorful dishes. Casal Garcia Vinho Verde is more than a wine; it's an invitation to celebrate the simple pleasures in life, offering a taste of Portugal's wine heritage in every glass.




Vinho Verde

Grape Varietal

White Blend


750 ML

Wine Style

White Wine

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