50 Degree Rheingau Riesling 2022 (750 ml)

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Tasting Notes and Description

The 50 Degree Rheingau Riesling embodies the quintessential characteristics of the Rheingau region, renowned for producing some of the world's finest Riesling wines. This offering from 50 Degree captures the essence of the region's steep, south-facing vineyards that benefit from the optimal sun exposure, contributing to the grapes' outstanding ripeness and complexity. On the nose, this Riesling presents a bouquet of aromatic intensity, featuring notes of crisp green apple, ripe peach, and a hint of citrus zest, complemented by the subtle minerality that is a hallmark of Rheingau terroir. The palate is greeted with a harmonious balance of acidity and sweetness, showcasing flavors of juicy stone fruits, lemon, and a touch of honey, leading to a clean, refreshing finish that lingers pleasantly, inviting another sip.

Produced by a winery dedicated to expressing the unique characteristics of the Rheingau region, the 50 Degree Riesling is a testament to the winery's commitment to quality and tradition. This wine's vibrant acidity and nuanced flavor profile make it exceptionally versatile for food pairings, complementing a wide range of dishes from spicy Asian cuisine to classic German fare like schnitzel and sauerkraut. Its refreshing qualities also make it an excellent match for seafood, such as grilled salmon or shrimp, and it can beautifully offset the richness of foie gras or blue cheese. Whether enjoyed as an aperitif or paired with a meal, the 50 Degree Rheingau Riesling offers a delightful exploration of the Rheingau's winemaking excellence, making every occasion a memorable experience.





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750 ML

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White Wine

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