14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 (750 ml)

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Tasting Notes and Description

14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon is a testament to the art of winemaking, capturing the spirit and rugged beauty of the Wild Horse Monument in Washington State, the inspiration behind its name. Crafted in the heart of Washington's wine country, this Cabernet Sauvignon is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. 14 Hands Winery is celebrated for its dedication to producing wines that reflect the unique terroir of the Columbia Valley. Their approach to winemaking is a blend of modern techniques and age-old wisdom, creating wines that are both accessible and sophisticated. The winery's commitment to quality is evident in every bottle, making 14 Hands a staple for wine enthusiasts seeking a true taste of the Pacific Northwest.

On tasting, 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon unfolds a rich and inviting palate. It features a vibrant array of dark fruit flavors, predominantly black cherry and blackberry, accented with subtle notes of mocha and spices. This wine's structure is built on a foundation of fine tannins, balanced acidity, and just the right touch of oak, contributing to its smooth, round finish. Its versatility makes it an ideal pairing for a wide range of dishes. It complements red meat beautifully, especially dishes like braised short ribs, grilled lamb, or a classic hamburger. For a lighter pairing, it goes well with hard cheeses or mushroom risotto, enhancing the earthy flavors. This Cabernet Sauvignon from 14 Hands is not just a drink, but a journey through the rich landscapes of Washington, perfect for enhancing any meal or occasion.


United States



Grape Varietal

Cabernet Sauvignon


750 ML

Wine Style

Red Wine

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