Gifts for Wine Lovers

Gifts for Wine Lovers

Dylan James
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The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

When you have a wine lover in your life, getting them a gift is simple; WINE! Wine is perfect regardless of the occasion for your gift. Was it your brother’s college graduation, your mom’s birthday, or your best friend’s engagement party? Today we will talk about gifts for the wine lovers in your life so you are always prepared with the best gift for wine lovers.

With the ongoing pandemic and a greater shift towards wine as the alcohol of choice, there is no better time to find some fun gifts for wine lovers. The pandemic has brought on an increase of cozy nights in with your favorite red or white wine sitting by your side. Don’t feel ashamed sipping on that delicious vino. The other interesting trend that occurred was an increase in virtual tastings often being put on by large companies as a thank you to their employees for their determination. With all of this in mind, it is easy to see why the demand for wine has exploded during 2020 and beyond. 

There are so many wines on the market that have a uniqueness to the label that it can feel personalized to one’s character that gifting wine can also be super fun. Everyone wants to feel heard and thought of. So maybe you remembered that your mother-in-law ordered a specific glass of Pinot Grigio one night at dinner and there you have it. She feels like you were paying attention to her and it’s an easy way to show that special someone in your life that you were thinking of them. At we have plenty of wines to choose from such as a fantastic Italian Pinot Grigio from Banfi in the Tuscany region or even a bold Napa Cabernet Sauvignon from the famed Honig winery so you can always find that unique gift for the wine lover in your life!

When shopping for wines on, there is no shortage of great wines if you are on a budget. We carry plenty of inexpensive gifts for wine lovers such as the chocolatey goodness of Chocovine Dutch Chocolate Dessert Wine or the smooth tannins of Yellowtail Merlot. Sometimes we don’t always have the means to send extravagant gifts, so if you are on a budget, wine makes the perfect gift. However, if you do not mind splurging on a good bottle, there are plenty of fantastic wines out there and the prices can vary by hundreds of dollars per bottle when comparing regions, wineries, vintage, varietal, etc.

Like milk, bread and eggs, wine has made its way to becoming a staple in many households. Gifting wine can be perfect because if the receiver of the gift does not plan on enjoying the wine right away, the wonderful thing about wine is that it lasts. Wine (when stored properly) gets better with age, so they do not have to consume the gift right away. There is nothing better than coming home from a stressful day at work and reach back into the wine stock and enjoy their gift they received days, months, or even years later! With the age ability of wine, it’s easy for the bottles to pile up so don’t let the wine lover in your life go without proper storage. There are plenty of companies out there if you’re looking for fashionable wine storage rack as a gift for a wine lover.

Take Home Depot’s beautiful round wine barrel wine rack. A beautiful piece made of fur wood that adds a rustic feel to a home and is sure to impress anybody that lays their eyes on it. 

Or you can go with a more modern feel that won’t break the bank. Wine Enthusiast carries a great 6-Bottle Wine Cooler that keeps wine at the optimal temperature. It includes a digital touchscreen complete with an LED temperature display so your gift recipient can rest assured their wine is aging to perfection.

No serious wine lover can go without a wine decanter. A wine decanter is an essential tool in the wine world as many wines will change in taste and smell as wine is aerated. Many high-end wines will change over the course of minutes or even hours of decanting. Crate and Barrel has a great and simple wine decanter if you’re looking for a gift nobody else would think of.

We have all been there, struggling to open a stubborn wine bottle. With this great automatic wine opener from Sharper Image, the struggles can be a thing from the past for your gift recipient! With this great gadget you can open even the most stubborn bottle in seconds.                

Sometimes finishing an entire bottle is out of the question. With the Coravin you don’t have to worry about drinking too much or wasting wine! This new technology pierces the cork with a small wine needle allowing wine to flow out without the wine inside being exposed allowing you to drink only what you want. 

If your gift recipient is a dog person as much as me, you can never go wrong with the gift of man’s best friend. This cute little guy can hold a single 750 mL bottle in his paw’s all day and looks extremely cute doing it.

Once done with all the wine, your gift recipient needs a place to store and show case all of the wine they have been drinking! With this awesome tool all that hard work of drinking wine can be put on full display.

Another perfect addition to any home is a personalized wine barrel sign. It’s a fully customizable item where you can select the grape color as well as adding your own personal text. This gift is sure to be a hit!

Every wine lover needs to show off their impressive knowledge on the subject. This book is extremely informative and a very easy to read book. This book will take your gift recipient to far off wine growing regions and teach them all there is to know about wine!

Accidents can happen and with this stain remover, it doesn’t have to be such a hassle! This stain remover is so easy to use, all you have to do is spray and wipe. Red wine stains can be a thing of the past making this a gift that will keep on giving.

Get creative, if you know someone loves wines you don’t have to get them their favorite bottle of vino. There are many fun and unique gift ideas for wine lovers out there including things such as simple wine racks, to decanters, or even customized wine barrel décor!

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