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Tasting Notes and Description

Experience all of the flavors of Chocovine in this Red + Chocolate Wine Gift Set. 

ChocoVine is blended in Holland by one of the oldest and most respected cream manufactures in the world. Chocolate and wine can be paired in a way that features the best and the most interesting aspect of each flavor profile. But they are also both incredibly complex and pairing them has always been a daunting process, often leading to dreadful results. After years of research, however the perfect union on wine and chocolate is not only a reality but the outcome is a true match made in heaven! With ChocoVine, the two concepts are blended to perfection to create pure bliss. ChocoVine is gluten free.

Wine Tasting Set Includes (3 Total Bottles, 750 ml):

ChocoVine Dutch Chocolate Dessert Wine

Our Classic. A perfect marriage between Dutch chocolate and French Cabernet Sauvignon. Strong full flavors with a delicate finish.

ChocoVine Dutch Dark Chocolate Dessert Wine

For the gourmet taste buds. This delicate chocolate and wine combination is rich, full-bodied and has a long powerful finish.

ChocoVine Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Dessert Wine

Made in Holland from a combination of chocolate and Cabernet wine, ChocoVine provides the perfect union of wine and chocolate combined with pumpkin spice for the holiday season. Buttery on the front and markedly sweeter on the finish. Shake well.

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