Thick stone walls mark a place in time. First constructed in 1884, and refinished with native sandstone from the nearby hills in 1906, the iconic Larkmead building is now considered an archetype of California’s wine country—appearing on the National Register of Historical Places and listed as a Point of Historical Interest in the state of California. Like its earlier days, the building is filled with high-stacked barrels and a rich bouquet of aging wines, creating an ambiance of days past with the promise of future vintages. 

Though once home to only sparkling wines, Frank Family Vineyards honors the building's history by continuing to hand-craft five sparkling wines using the traditional French champenoise method, in addition to producing superb still wines. It's the third-oldest winery built in Napa Valley, and in many ways, still feels like it once was.

Our interest in wine has grown from a passion into a business, where hard work in the vineyard pays off in the bottle. We produced just 200 cases in our first year and now produce nearly 75,000 cases a year. In 2015, we also received Napa Green certifications for both land and winery. Frank Family Vineyards began because Rich wanted to create something for his family. Now, we want all visitors to leave the winery feeling overwhelmed by the experience, left with a connection to the place because of the interactions with our people.